The City of Manhattan Parks and Rec Department hosted Pet Poolooza at City Water Park today, and it was well attended.

Finn, a 5-year-old great pyrenees from Junction City, attended with his mom, Izzy Dugan (originally from Leonardville) and dad, Nathan Birney (originally from Sublette). 

Dugan shared what they planned to do at the event.

      0820 Izzy Dugan Pet Poolooza

Birney shared his thoughts on the weather, with Finn adding his opinion.

      0820 Nathan Birney and Finn Pet Poolooza

Enzo, a miniature goldendoodle from Manhattan, and his mom, Stacey Marti had a whole day planned.

      0820 Stacey Marti Pet Poolooza

K-State’s College of Veterinary Medicine brought their Wellness on Wheels vehicle and administered rabies vaccines. Enzo didn’t even flinch when he got his shot; he just enjoyed the attention he got from the medical staff. 

Manhattan’s Bluemont Church had a tent with members from their congregation passing out milkbones, and visiting with the community. St. George residents Jesse Brinson, and daughter Ayanna helped. Ayanna shared what she liked about volunteering at the event. 

      0820 Ayanna Brinson Pet Poolooza

All pools in the park were open to dogs and their families.

(l-r) Nathan Birney, Finn, Izzy Dugan.
Enzo gets his vaccine at 2022 Pet Poolooza
Enzo, and Stacey Marti
Bluemont Church volunteers at 2022 Pet Poolooza
Bluemont Church volunteers at 2022 Pet Poolooza
Jesse Brinson, and daugter Ayanna at City Water Park 2022 Pet Poolooza