Pottawatomie County commissioners have set an Aug. 22 hearing for the 2023 budget and notice of the revenue neutral rate, which county staff say will be exceeded.

The budget, which will be published sometime early next month, totals over $39.3 million, an increase of over $3 million from 2022. Much of the increase comes from a planned 6.5 percent cost of living adjustment for county employees as well as fuel and equipment costs.

Assistant County Administrator Heather Gladbach says staff were able to shave the proposed 2023 mill levy down slightly from 29.965 to 29.885 in the past week.

      0718-Gladbach 1

Overall, it equates to just under a 1.3 mill increase from the 2022 budget. Gladbach also shared how much extra in taxes the owner of a $300,000 home in Pottawatomie County can expect to pay annually, based on an average 15 percent increase in valuations, as calculated by the county appraiser’s office.

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If the mill levy increase is approved, that same homeowner could expect to pay another $49.12 on top of that for a total of $196 annually.

Commissioners were unanimous in approving the Aug. 22 hearing.