Iowa Couple Pays it Forward!

An Iowa couple celebrating their wedding anniversary gave a waiter a $100 tip on a $66 order even though they received “‘terrible service”.

One waiter had to serve 12 tables and be the bartender all by himself. The couple said they waited 20 minutes for water, 40 minutes for an appetizer and an hour for their meal.

Several customers left while another ran up to a friend at the entrance and said not to eat their.

The couple both worked as servers. They left the tip and a note that read, “We’ve been in your shoes. Paying it forward.”

The couple put the receipt on Facebook where it has received over 1 million likes and shared almost 168,000 times.


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The 20 Worst Foods You Could Eat

We all know know that certain foods are bad for you, like bacon, sausage, french fries, Snicker bars, Cheetos, and soda… but there are some foods that are really bad for you that will surprise you.View Post

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George Clooney & Amal Alamuddin Make it Official

We’d been waiting and waiting for the pictures from George & Amal’s Venice wedding this past weekend, and finally, the wait is over! See them here.


I had two main observations:

1. The new Mrs. Clooney is a classic beauty.
2. Amal’s choice of wedding dress was lovely and she definitely has gorgeous legs, but I was surprised by the length. 

What do you think?~ Carly

This Day In History – September 29


The first network college football game to be broadcast in color was televised by CBS!


The game was between the University of California and the University of Pennsylvania. Cal won 35-0


Elizabeth Taylor, undergoing rehabilitation at the Betty Ford Clinic and overcoming a nagging weight problem, was voted as the world’s most beautiful woman in a Louis Harris poll released this day

Taylor, Elizabeth posed.jpg

Her seven husbands would have to agree! 


Magic Johnson announced he was returning to professional basketball


The comeback ended the following November.

and then lastly…


The Nintendo 64 video game system hit shelves!

That first day, Nintendo sold 500,000 systems, with the Mario64 game selling as many.

Overall, it sold 32.93 units. 

-Tyler Jackson

This Day In History – September 26


The first presidential debate between Richard Nixon and John F. Kennedy took place.

The debate, moderated by Howard K. Smith, reached more than 69 million people via TV and another 17 million on radio.

Kennedy, of course, ended up winning the election.


Gilligan’s Island premiered on CBS!

The show aired for the last time on September 4, 1967.


The Motion Picture Association of America announced the creation of a new rating, NC-17. It replaced the X rating.

Remember this NC-17 gem??

And then lastly…


Shannon Lucid returned to Earth after being in space for 188 days.

She set a time record for a U.S. astronaut in space and in the world for time spent by a woman in space.

You go, girl!

-Tyler Jackson

This would be a great adventure! Jet Hiking!

In her quest to reach all 50 states, a self-proclaimed “gypsy jet hiker” has hitchhiked through the skies – on a jet, on a plane, on the occasional B17 bomber — without spending a dime! 

Basically, she just hangs out at one of about 14,000 general aviation airports across America, and meets people. After talking to people about her love of flying and traveling, she says that the people she talks to enjoys the conversation and allows her to come on their flights.

The only states she hasn’t visited yet are Utah, Hawaii, Oklahoma and Kansas.

Her goal is to write a book about her experiences and she wants to get her pilot’s license.

Read more about her journey here!

-Tyler Jackson 

What Women REALLY Want

According to a (Pew Research) study, more than sharing ideas about raising children, or religious beliefs, and even more than being equally as educated, women want a man with a steady job.

It`s not that every single woman out there is gold digging, either.  The ratio of never married men to never married women is shrinking, and the amount of never married men with a job is even lower.

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Most Googled Brand Per State

A new study analyzed the three BRANDS people Google most in each state.  For most places, the top brand is a big company headquartered there, and the second is usually a food or alcohol.  The third-most popular brands are all over the place, ranging from fast food to Playboy.


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