This Day In History – December 12


The movie Gone with the Wind began filming in Hollywood!

Dozens of backlot sets were set on fire for the “burning of Atlanta” scene, including the huge wooden gates from King Kong.


The first issue of Playboy magazine went on sale, featuring the famous nude photos of Marilyn Monroe!

What it didn’t feature was an issue date, because Hugh Hefner wasn’t sure he’d ever have a reason to print a second issue…Glad he did! Whoop Whoop!


Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. won the Nobel Peace Prize.

Fifty years later, would he be proud or disappointed in our progress?


George Strait hit number one with his remake of the Faron Young’s hit If You Ain’t Lovin’ (You Aint’ Livin’)!

speaking of Faron Young

today, in 1996,

He died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound at Summit Medical Center in Nashville.

Here he is singing on his biggest songs, Hello Walls:


Keith Urban‘s video for You’re My Better Half premiered.

and then lastly…


Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood married at their home in Owasso, Oklahoma!

-Tyler Jackson

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These are indeed the greatest bakery items ever! Find your Rude Cake HERE!

-Tyler Jackson

The #1 Youtube Video of 2014!

The number one YouTube video for 2014 (non-music video) is the “Mutant Spider Dog” video!


If you’re not one of the 114 million who have watched it this year, here ya go!


How Much is Santa Claus Worth on Today’s Job-Market?


Christmas is 15 days away!!!  Have you ever wondered how much Santa Claus would get paid if he were to make a regular salary like the rest of us?

An annual study looked into how much Santa Claus should get PAID for his work, and it came out to . . . $139,924. It’s based on all the different jobs he does . . . how many hours he spends doing them . . . and what the hourly salary is at those jobs.

He makes the most for running his workshop, where he gets paid like an industrial engineer for 364 days a year . . . every day except when he’s out delivering.  He gets $116,742 from that.

Some of the other jobs he has are professional shopper . . . package handler . . . labor relations specialist . . . customer service rep . . . private investigator . . . ranch worker . . . pilot . . . chimney sweep . . . and shipping and receiving clerk.

The best part is, he does ALL of that, for FREE!!!!  Hooray for Santa Claus!


Kellie Pickler heads out on her 8th USO tour

We all fell in love with Kellie Pickler a few seasons back on “American Idol”…heck, even the perpetually cranky Simon Cowell thought she was adorable.  She also won the coveted Mirror Ball trophy on “Dancing With The Stars” the season before last.

But at heart, Kellie is a singer…an entertainer.  And she has a soft spot in her heart for the men and women who serve our country.  Which is why, for the 8th time, she is overseas to perform for the troops on a USO tour.

Kellie said of the trip “Feeling blessed to have the opportunity to go back out on the road with General Dempsey and be a part of his final USO holiday tour as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff”.  Since her first USO tour in 2007, she has made it clear how much she enjoys the trips to dangerous locations.  “I just love bringing the gals and guys a little bit of home”.  She posted this picture to her Twitter account…she and hubby Kyle headed out to board the plane…walking hand in hand and sporting matching camoflage backpacks.


The tour also includes Dianna Agron from “Glee”, MLB pitcher Doug Fister, and former NFL star Brian Urlacher.

She may not know where Hungary is…but she has shown a willingness to leave behind the comforts of home to sing for our troops.  And in my book, that earns her big-time respect.

“Feeling blessed to have the opportunity to go back out on the road with General Dempsey and be a part of his final USO holiday tour as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff – See more at:
“Feeling blessed to have the opportunity to go back out on the road with General Dempsey and be a part of his final USO holiday tour as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff – See more at:


This Day In History – December 9


Garth Brooks earned his first number one hit with If Tomorrow Never Comes!

Thanks for 25 great years, Garth!


Britain’s Prime Minister John Major announced in parliament the separation of Prince Charles and Princess Diana.

The couple’s divorce became final Aug. 28, 1996.


The Beatles’ Anthology 1 was #1 in the U.S.

The double CD contained 60 Beatles songs and was the their sixteenth number-one album.

It also set a record for the longest time span for a run of number-one albums: 31 years and 10 months between Meet the Beatles and Anthology 1.


Toby Keith‘s album Shock’n Y’all was certified gold, platinum and double-platinum on the same day!

This is my all-time favorite Toby Keith song, and it was featured on that album:


Shamed Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich was taken into federal custody at his Chicago home after trying to profit off of Barack Obama’s Senate seat.

The seat became up for grabs after Obama won the presidency.

Blagojevich joins a long line of shady, corrupt Illinois politicians! I wonder if he’s enjoying Colorado?!

-Tyler Jackson

Swasitka Found on Hanukkah Wrapping Paper. Oops!

A California woman became upset when she noticed a swastika design on Hanukkah wrapping paper wrapping paper sold at a Walgreen’s.The woman told a manager who immediately removed the paper. One other Walgreen’s store has done the same.A spokesman for the company said the all stores will remove the wrapping paper although it wasn’t known how much was sold.swastika-wrapping-paper

What do you think? Is it offensive or just a coincidence?


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Eric Berry, the all-pro defensive back for our Kansas City Chiefs, has officially been diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. On November 20th, he complained of chest pains after the loss to the Oakland Raiders. Upon examination, a mass in his chest was discovered.

Eric Berry has been one of the Chiefs’ defensive leaders since he was drafted from the University of Tennessee. He’s been very strong for us, so we need to be #BerryStrong for him! Get your #BerryStrong t-shirt HERE! (100% of the proceeds will go to help benefit the Leukemia/Lymphoma Society)

-Tyler Jackson