This Day In History – July 17


The longest hitting streak in baseball history ended at 56 games when the Cleveland Indians held New York Yankee Joe DiMaggio hitless in their contest.

This is simply one of the greatest streaks in all of sports history, and it’s one, in all likelihood, that will never be broken.

Get it, Joltin’ Joe!


Happy Birthday to the happiest place on earth…Disneyland!

The 17-million-dollar brainchild of Walt Disney, Disneyland, the first of the great theme amusement parks, opened for business!

Disneyland in 1955

Disneyland today!

Most critics said it would be a bomb!!



TWA Flight 800 exploded off Long Island after leaving Kennedy International Airport.  All 230 people on board were killed.

Investigators still do not know the cause of the crash.

and then lastly…

This was a sign of the times


Woolworth announced it was closing its remaining 400 five-and-dime stores across the country, ending 117 years in the business

Sorry, Grandma, you could always go shopping here…?

-Tyler Jackson

40 Year-Old Mom Makes NFL Cheerleading Team!

A 40-year-old mother-of two has earned a spot as an NFL cheerleader, beating out competitors half her age to join the New Orleans Saintsations.Kriste Lewis of Hattiesburg, Mississippi was diagnosed with an incurable kidney disease 14 years ago, but she decided it was now or never to make her lifelong dream come true.She dancer said, ‘Today is the day, not tomorrow. Wear your best shoes. Don’t save that bottle of wine… I know that I will be on dialysis and in need of a transplant, but I could be killed in a car wreck tomorrow. She impressed the judges strictly based on her dancing abilities alone, and didn’t tell them her age or that she was ill.

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Most Endangered Jobs in America

Mail carriers, farmers and newspaper reporters are some of the top 10 most endangered jobs of 2014 thanks in part to technology.Researchers found that mail carriers face a 28% decline by 2022 to top the list.Coming in second was farmers who face a 19% decline by 2022 because advanced technology requires fewer employees to carry out the work.


1. Mail carrier: 28% decline by 2022

2. Farmer: 19% decline

3. Meter reader: 19%

4. Newspaper reporter: 13%

5. Travel agent: 12%

6. Lumberjack: 9%

7. Flight attendant: 7%

8. Drill-press operator: 6%

9. Printing worker: 5%

10. Tax examiner and collector: 4%

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Jake Owen converts some non-country music fans

So, let’s say you and some friends are enjoying a weekend at a hotel.  You’re out by the pool, getting some rays, and just chatting…when one of your group says they “hate country music”.

Well, it’s a free country…everyone’s entitled to their own opinion.  But, you might take a look around, and if you spot Jake Owen nearby…he may just try to turn that frown upside down.

Jake was in Connecticut, getting ready to do a show at the Mohegan Sun Casino, when he overheard a lady say how much she didn’t like country.  He hooked her entire group up with floor seats, and even pulled them all up on stage during the show.

And are they country fans now?  “Yes, I’m a huge fan now”, replied the lady.

This Day In History – July 16


Oklahoma City

…became the first city in the U.S. to use parking meters!

NOT cool, OKC! NOT cool! 


The first atomic bomb was tested in Alamogordo, New Mexico

Trinity was the code name of the first detonation of a nuclear weapon. At this test site in the New Mexico desert, named the White Sands Proving Ground, it was conducted by the United States Army about a month before…



There’s approximately 17,000 nuclear warheads in the world today, with about 4,000 “ready to go” at a moment’s notice. That’s a scary amount! Look at the effects of only just two detonated…

Let’s HOPE and PRAY that there is never a nuclear bomb detonated in our lifetime!!!!


The largest crowd in sporting history – 199,854 people! — watched Uruguay defeat Brazil in the World Cup soccer finals in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil!

That’s just way, way, WAY too many people!!!!


Dolly Parton’s theme park, Dollywood, opened in Tennessee!

I would LOVE to go check out Dollywood! Take your family someday! Buy your tickets here!


The Lion King soundtrack started a nine-week run at number one on the album chart, becoming (then) the longest chart-topping animated film soundtrack! It is still the most-selling movie soundtrack to an animated film of all-time! Seven million copies sold!

Remember this:

and to brighten your mood: How about this?!

What a wonderful phrase! Did you know: “Hakuna Matata” is a Swahili phrase; it means “no worries”

That’s a good mantra to live by!

Also in 1994

26 year-old Anna Nicole Smith wed her 89 year-old boyfriend J.Howard Marshall II!

Awww, nothing like true love!

and then lastly,



John F. Kennedy Jr.’s plane crashed off the coast of Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts. His wife,Carolyn Bessette Kennedy, and her sister, Lauren Bessette, were also on board the plane. John Kennedy’s body was found on July 21, 1999.

Here was NBC News’ coverage of the event:

Tragedy struck camelot yet once again

-Tyler Jackson