Kansas City High School Under Fire For Airbrushing Senior Photos


A teenager at a private school in Kansas City is upset after her school picture was retouched without her permission.

The girl says that they altered her photo so much that it doesn’t even look like her– but rather, a prettier twin sister.

Other students were also upset at the changes, claiming that they had been made to look slimmer– and had freckles removed from their nose.

The school says that the photography studio made a mistake… they will use the untouched photos in the yearbook.

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This Day In History – January 9


Kodak got out of the instant camera business after 10 years due to a loss in a court battle that claimed that Kodak copied Polaroid patents.


Sad to think that, some 20 years later, it wouldn’t matter anyway…



Actress Yasmine Bleeth was sentenced to two years of probation, regular drug tests, 100 hours of community service and payment of court costs in connection to a cocaine-possession charge. So basically what we’re saying is, she went…

From this 


To this:




Apple CEO, Steve Jobs announced the iPhone.


And literally forever changed the world as we know it. 

and then lastly…

Happy fifth birthday to Justin Moore’s Small Town USA! 

It hit the radio today in 2009!

This is one of “those” songs…

-Tyler Jackson

Guns and Engagement Photos Don’t Mix?

A Walmart in Texas refused to print an engagement photo of a couple holding a 12 gauge shotgun.The couple wanted the gun in the photo because it was the first gun the man bought.The woman was told its Walmart’s policy to not print any photos of guns because it would promote gang culture.They are hoping to find another store to print the photo before their wedding this weekend.

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This Day In History – January 8


U.S. forces led by General Andrew Jackson defeated the British in the Battle Of New Orleans, the closing battle in the War of 1812.


This battle is forever immortalized by Johnny Horton!


Tonya Harding won the ladies’ U.S. Figure Skating Championship in Detroit. This came a day after Nancy Kerrigan dropped out because of a clubbing attack that injured her right knee.

The U.S. Figure Skating Association later took the title from Harding because of her involvement in the attack.

And, Harding won Silver in the 1994 Olympics, while Harding finished 8th. 


Jared Lee Loughner attempted to assassinate Arizona Representative Gabrielle Giffords in Casas Adobes, Arizona, at a Safeway grocery store.


Six others were killed and 13 others were wounded, including Giffords.

Loughner was later arrested, convicted and sentenced to life in prison without parole

and then lastly…


Happy 80th birthday to The King, Elvis Aaron Presley!


Greatest Of All-Time!

Here’s my favorite Elvis song!

 -Tyler Jackson

Most Stressful Jobs

According to a new study, the five most stressful jobs are firefighter, member of the military, general in the military, airline pilot, and police officer . . . and BROADCASTER came in seventh.  Finally, respect for radio personalities.  The LEAST stressful jobs are hair stylist, audiologist, university professor, medical records technician, and jeweler.

1.  Firefighter.


2.  Member of the military.


3.  General in the military.


4.  Airline pilot.


5.  Police officer.


6.  Actor.


7.  Broadcaster . . . you’re welcome, America.


8.  Event coordinator.


9.  Photojournalist.


10.  Newspaper reporter.



They also ranked the LEAST stressful jobs you can have.  That’s usually a combination of job security, a good hiring outlook, salary, and few physical demands or deadlines.  The top ten are . . .



1.  Hair stylist.


2.  Audiologist . . . which is someone who tests people’s hearing.


3.  University professor.  Specifically ones who have tenure.


4.  Medical records technician.


5.  Jeweler.


6.  Medical laboratory technician.


7.  Tailor.


8.  Dietician.


9.  Librarian.


10.  Forklift operator.

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Want to Get Married? Here’s the Job You Need!

Someone’s chosen occupation can tell you a lot about the chances they’re single, married, divorced, or in some other relationship arrangement. Using Census data and data from the American Community Survey, Bloomberg Business Week charted marriage and divorce rates across occupations from from 1950 to 2010.


divorced married.jpg.300x0_q85


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