Jimmy Kimmel’s Annual “I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy” YouTube Challenge

Every year since 2011, Jimmy Kimmel challenges parents to tell their children that they ate ALL of their Halloween candy and capture their reaction on video. As you can imagine, most of the kids are pretty upset, some are REALLY upset, and some are pretty understanding about it all.

I’m fairly sure I would’ve been pretty upset if my parents did this to me…and then I would’ve immediately been grounded for my reaction.~ Carly

This Day In History – November 4

November 4th in history was a big day for Presidential elections! 


Calvin Coolidge was elected as the 30th President of the United States!

He was already in the office, however, as he was completing Warren G. Harding‘s term, who had passed away while in office.


America said, “I Like Ike”!

Dwight D. Eisenhower and Richard M. Nixon ticket won a sweeping (55%-44%) victory over Democrat Adlai E. Stevenson and running-mate John J. Sparkman!

Eisenhower was the 34th president of the U.S., and the only US President to be from Kansas.


Ronald Reagan defeated President Jimmy Carter‘s bid for re-election

The Great Communicator won with 525 electoral votes to Carter’s 40


Barack Obama defeated John McCain in the presidential election, making him the first African-American to win the presidency

Ya see, a big day for Presidental elections

I wonder who will win the next November 4 election…in 2036!


and for good measures, and just to keep it real:

It was This Day In History in…


Dierks Bentley took Every Mile a Memory to number one!

-Tyler Jackson

The Most Catchy Song EVER is…

Some scientists in the U.K. just released the results of a study, where they were looking into what makes a song CATCHY.

In the process, they determined that the Spice Girls song “Wannabe” is the catchiest song of ALL TIME . . . or at least of the 1,000 “randomly selected” pop hits that were included in the study.

To figure it out, they played the hook of each song for 12,000 people . . . and averaged the amount of time it took people to correctly recognize it.  It took just 2.29 seconds for people to identify “Wannabe”.  Here’s the Top 20:


1.  “Wannabe”, Spice Girls . . . identified in 2.29 seconds


2.  “Mambo No. 5″, Lou Bega . . . identified in 2.48 seconds


3.  “Eye of the Tiger”, Survivor . . . identified in 2.62 seconds


4.  “Just Dance”, Lady Gaga . . . identified in 2.66 seconds


5.  “SOS”, ABBA . . . identified in 2.73 seconds


6.  “Pretty Woman”, Roy Orbison . . . identified in 2.73 seconds


7.  “Beat It”, Michael Jackson . . . identified in 2.8 seconds


8.  “I Will Always Love You”, Whitney Houston . . . identified in 2.83 seconds


9.  “Don’t You Want Me”, Human League . . . identified in 2.83 seconds


10.  “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing”, Aerosmith . . . identified in 2.84 seconds


11.  “Poker Face”, Lady Gaga . . . identified in 2.88 seconds


12.  “MMMbop”, Hanson . . . identified in 2.89 seconds


13.  “It’s Now or Never”, Elvis Presley . . . identified in 2.91 seconds


14.  “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet”, Bachman-Turner Overdrive . . . identified in 2.94 seconds


15.  “Billie Jean”, Michael Jackson . . . identified in 2.97 seconds


16.  “Karma Chameleon”, Culture Club . . . identified in 2.99 seconds


17.  “Baby One More Time”, Britney Spears . . . identified in 2.99 seconds


18.  “Devil in Disguise”, Elvis Presley . . . identified in 3.01 seconds


19.  “Rivers of Babylon”, Boney M. . . . identified in 3.03 seconds


20.  “Candle in the Wind”, Elton John . . . identified in 3.04 seconds

This Day In History – November 3


Leonardo Da Vinci was commissioned by the husband of Lisa Gherardini to paint her.

The work is known as the Mona Lisa


Hank Williams, music publisher Fred Rose and Jimmie Rodgers were the first inductees into the Country Music Hall of Fame!

You must check this out on a trip to Nashville!


Billboard magazine dropped the “Western” from its chart title.The list has been known as Hot Country Singles/Songs ever since.

It’ll always be Country & Western to me…


Vanilla Ice had the number one single in the United States with Ice, Ice, Baby!

This was a single from the album To the Extreme. “Ice Ice Baby Vanilla, Ice Ice Baby Vanilla…”

and then lastly…


Minnesota elected former pro wrestler Jesse “The Body” Ventura governor!

Apparently this looks great on a gubernatorial resume:

-Tyler Jackson

Lady Antebellum celebrates “Bartender” success…in costume!

Lady Antebellum knows a thing or two about making great music.  They also know a thing or two about having fun.  So when they threw a party Wednesday (Halloween week) in Nashville to celebrate their single “Bartender”, they just had to show up in costume!

Dave Haywood and Charles Kelley each sported beer barrel costumes, with Dave flashing a little skin while his bandmate went a bit more conservative…Charles also wore a hat that resembled a beer mug.  And as for Hillary Scott?  She wore a sparkly shirt and top hat to match…she was the mirror ball.

Even Hillary’s 15 month old daughter Eisele got into the spirit…she was decked out in a Piglet costume.

“We thought with the number one party being so close to Halloween, we might as well keep it loose and fun”, said Hillary.  “We’ve been known to dress up when we’ve had shows on Halloween anyway. Charles was Ronnie Dunn, Dave was Kix Brooks, and I was Reba one year. So, we love to have fun with that.”

“Bartender” is the group’s ninth number one hit.  And since it’s certainly not their last…it begs the question…

What will the costumes be at the next Halloween/Number One party?


This Day In History – October 31

Happy Halloween! 


Harry Houdini died at age 52 of peritonitis, after he told a college boxer to punch him in the stomach. Houdini collapsed from the blow and began to cough up blood, but still insisted on performing his famed “water trick,” in which he was locked in manacles and hung upside down inside a giant fish tank. He was unable to escape and by the time he was lifted out of the tank, he was in a fatal coma.

He had promised to come back from the grave, so every year, people hold seances to try and contact him.


Fourteen years of work was completed on Mount Rushmore!



River Phoenix died at the age of 23 after collapsing outside The Viper Room in Hollywood.

Hopefully lots of young people saw this, and realized doing what they were doing wasn’t worth it!

 and then lastly…

more Halloween craziness!


Jenny Jones testified at the trial of talk show guest Jonathan Schmitz, who was convicted of killing another guest, Scott Amedure.


Schmitz killed Amedure after he had stated on the show he had a crush on Schmitz.


-Tyler Jackson

This Day In History – October 30


Orson Welles’ radio play The War of the Worlds caused panic around the country among people who thought we really were being invaded by Martians.

Those who tuned in late were confused and believed the broadcast was news, not entertainment. Though Welles made a public apology, nearly $750,000 in lawsuits were filed against him!


The Rumble In The Jungle

Muhammad Ali knocked out George Foreman in the 8th round in Zaire, in the first heavyweight championship fight ever held in Africa

Ali was named fighter of the year


Chicago had the number one song in the land with If You Leave Me Now


Martina McBride took her single I Love You to number one on the Billboard country chart.

and then lastly…

Talk about a great business decision!


George Lucas sold Lucasfilm Ltd. to the Walt Disney Company for $4.05 billion!

So, let’s do the math:



-Tyler Jackson