Carly and Megan Take the Ice Bucket Challenge!!

Last night both Carly and Megan of B104.7 accepted the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS!

What to wear to jail…you’re previous mugshot

For most of us, we’ll never have to face that fashion dilemma…what to wear when I report to jail.  I mean, you gotta look good for that all-important mug shot, right?

19 year old Robert Burt had no such problems…he showed up wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with his previous mugshot.

Underneath his photo, the t-shirt read “Burt Family Reunion”, and thanked his “sponsors”…the Somerset County Sheriff and Bud Light.

Somewhere out there is a mom who’s SO proud of her son…

LLWS coach delivers inspiring message after loss

With all that is wrong in the world of sports…it’s so refreshing to see what is right with sports.

Another example of the right came from the coach of the team from Rhode Island…right after his team lost a hard-fought game against a team from Illinois.

ESPN cameras caught the moment between coach Dave Belisle and his disappointed team…and he was wearing a microphone, so we all could listen in to his inspiring message.

Watch the video…and have some tissues handy.

Open Carry Vs. Concealed Carry in Riley County

The Riley County Police Department has issued a press release regarding the new open carry signs in Riley County, and what they mean.  Read the full article here.



The Riley County Police Department issued a press release regarding the new open carry signs, and what they mean: – See more at:

Open Carry

  • Firearms may be openly carried on your person or in cars without any license.
  • Establishments may restrict openly carried firearms by posting an approved sign.
  • The minimum age allowable for legal open carry is 18 years of age.
  • Weapons being carried openly should be kept in a holster of some kind both for the purpose of safety and to indicate clearly that the weapon is being carried openly rather than concealed. Retention holsters are recommended.

Concealed Carry

  • A permit is required. The application for this permit can be found on the Kansas Attorney General’s Office website or at Riley County Police Department Records Office.
  • When carrying concealed, please pay attention to the approved signs and follow them appropriately.
  • For more information on legally carrying concealed, visit the Kansas Attorney General’s Office website.

Signs prohibiting open and concealed carry (Approved by the Kansas Attorney General)

State law requires that signs must be approved by the Kansas Attorney General. All other signs will not carry the same legal authority. These signs can be found on this page as well as the Kansas Attorney General’s website.

Basic Gun Safety

  • Always store your firearms unloaded, secured, and away from children.
  • To further protect children from firearm accidents, we suggest that ammunition be stored in a separate location from the firearm.
  • Always use a gun lock, which blocks the trigger or passes through the barrel, if a safe storage box is not available.
  • Always treat a weapon as if it is loaded. Firearm accidents are avoidable in most cases.
  • Never point a weapon at anything you do not intend to destroy. Pointing a weapon at another living being comes with great responsibility and great consequences.
  • Participate in a gun safety class to familiarize yourself with the weapon you choose to use.

- See more at:

How Much it Costs to Raise a Kid These Days (A LOT!)


A study (from The U.S. Department of Agriculture) estimates it will cost a middle-income couple $245,000 to raise a child born in 2013 through the age of 18. That is an increase of $4,260 from the year before.

The cost projections change depending on where families live. A high-income family in the urban Northeast are projected to spend $455,000 while low-income rural families are estimated to spend $145,500.

The estimations were based on the cost of food, housing, transportation, clothes, health care, education, child care and other expenses such as haircuts and cell phone bills. The cost of college is NOT included.

One problem with increasing costs is the nation’s median income is 8% below what it was before the recession while healthcare and child care costs continue to increase.

Food prices have also increased by 13% since 2008.

Read the full article here!

Family catches 15′ alligator

You know the old saying…the family that catches monster alligators, stays together.

An Alabama family got the best fishing story ever when they snagged a 15′ long, half-ton alligator from a creek near Montgomery over the weekend.  It should be noted that they did get a little help…from a shotgun.

The first attempt to weigh the beast failed because the winch broke.  State biologists had to call in a backhoe.

Olympians booed at NASCAR race

For the most part, NASCAR fans are a friendly, laid-back bunch…fiercely loyal to their favorite driver(s) and very knowledgeable about stock car racing.

That said, do NOT mess with tradition!

Olympians Charlie White and Meryl Davis (both natives of Michigan) found that out yesterday at the Michigan 400.  They were given the honor of announcing the four most famous words in motor sports…”drivers, start your engines”.  But the pair didn’t quite get it right…and didn’t bring the level of enthusiasm normally associated with the start of a race.  And the crowd let them know…quickly

You be the judge on just how much they missed the mark.  Perhaps they should’ve checked out football coach Bobby Bowden’s version.

George Strait’s final concert to be released as a live album

Just a few months ago, on July 7th, more than 100,000 country fans from all over the world jammed into AT&T Stadium in Arlington as the Cowboy rode away.  Millions more wished they could’ve been part of the historical night.

Well, now…you can!

George Strait’s final concert will be released as a live album on September 16th.  20 of his chart-topping hits will be featured; some with George solo, and some with his many special guests that night.

A 2-hour concert special will air on CMT on August 29th.

And yes, you can still get the collectible t-shirt too!