Amtrak train leaves the station…without the passengers

If you’ve ever taken a trip on a train, you know that one of the most memorable parts of the trip is when the conductor shouts out a mighty “all ABOARD”…and then soon after the train heads down the track.

Except this past weekend in New York City.

An Amtrak train bound for Washington DC apparently began it’s journey without all of it’s New York passengers after the train was given the go-ahead to depart.  The folks who were there to board the train had been sent to the wrong platform.

They were all eventually re-booked on later trains, but as you might expect…most were not very happy about the situation, and took to Twitter to voice (or tweet) their displeasure.

“@Amtrak u didn’t find it strange that no one from NYC got on the Acela to DC?? Left an entire train of people at Penn #mindblown,” wrote @JamieBraaten.

Big Bang stars get big, big raises

Seriously, how would you like to triple your paycheck?

It happened for Jim Parsons, Johnny Galecki, and Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting…the principal stars of the #1 comedy on television.  The “Big Bang Theory” actors negotiated as a group and held out for a hefty raise.  And what do you know.  Bazinga!  They all got one…a very substantial one!

Reportedly making about $350,000 an episode, the actors (who play Sheldon, Leonard, and Penny respectively), have all signed a three year deal worth in the neighborhood of $90 million dollars.  When you factor in the bonuses and the back-end fees, they’ll each earn a little more than $1 million per episode.  However, the show consistently tops the ratings, and Parsons is looking to win his 4th consecutive Emmy.  CBS charges nearly a half million per thirty second commercial; the show is essentially a cash printing press.

Bazinga indeed!

Will Carrie Underwood sing on Brad’s new album?

With the release date of Brad Paisley’s new CD “Moonshine In The Trunk” just weeks away, his fans are getting more and more excited.  Brad’s even tried giving those folks snippets of the new songs…until his label takes them down.

But the big question?  When the album drops on August 26th, will Carrie Underwood make an appearance on it?

“There might be a female singer on there that sounds a lot like Carrie Underwood”, Brad recently said in an interview. “There’s (a song) where she’s mentioned”, he added with a smile.


rie Underwood to Be Featured on Brad Paisley’s Album? |

Let’s be honest…the two of them make great award show co-hosts, they’re both incredibly gifted entertainers, and they’ve already sung together on 2012′s “Remind Me”…a performance than nabbed several accolades.

If I were a betting man…I’d bet that Carrie and Brad sing together.  But we’ve got 22 days to find out for sure.

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Meet the “Human Ken Doll”!


A 20-year-old model, and plastic surgery addict, has spent $50,000 to look like the life-size twin of Barbie’s boyfriend, Ken.Celso Santebanes has had his chin, jaw and nose done along with silicone implants in his chest.  According to those that know him Celso also tries to “act” like Ken in his everyday life. He even makes appearances as Ken at parties and can make anywhere from $10,000 – $16,000 just for showing up and taking photos with people.

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Unwanted Kansas Dog Gets a Happy Ending!



  An aging Labrador retriever walked 30 miles back to a Kansas family who didn’t want her.The dog named Lady was adopted twice, but the first family said the old dog didn’t get along with other pets.A second family adopted her 30 miles away, but Lady escaped and walked back to her previous home.After hearing about Lady’s story, Helen Rosburg, an heiress of the Wrigley gum company, sent a private jet to fly Lady her new home in Florida.Rosburg, the great-granddaughter of the founder of the famous gum, is a self-described animal lover.
 She has used a portion of her inheritance to help neglected and abandoned animals. She has built a 120-acre farm in Odessa, FL, that houses 300 animals including rabbits, pigs and goats.
She even built an on-site home for a trainer to work with dogs dealing with behavioral issues.

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What NOT to do when Facebook goes down

How many of you have a Facebook account…I’m betting almost all of you.  Did you notice it earlier today when Facebook went down for a bit?  Did you get frustrated?  Well, it’s understandable…studies have shown that the average user spends at least an hour on a social media site, and not being able to upload that latest “selfie”, comment on one of your friends’ shenanigans, or update your status can be aggravating.

Just don’t call the cops…they have much more important work to do.

Believe it or not, some people actually called 911 to report the outage, which as you can probably imagine, did not sit well with law enforcement.  In fact, one officer took to Twitter to make his case.

Man with no arms throws out first pitch

The Royals have been in the playoff chase for most of this season, and their long-suffering fans are hoping this is the year.  Of course, there are some that say it can’t be done.

Tom Willis is definitely NOT one of those negative people.

Tom has an organization called Tomsfeet Productions, and he’s on a mission to throw out the first pitch at every Major League ballpark.  Last night, he crossed Kauffman Stadium off the list.  What’s the big deal, you ask?  Well, you see…Tom was born without arms.  But as you can see…he doesn’t let that stop him, or even slow down his “Pitch for Awareness” campaign.

Check out the video of his pitch.  And don’t ever let someone tell you that something “can’t be done”.