This Day In History – August 25


Happy 75th anniversary to The Wizard of Oz!

The classic MGM film opened around the United States. Go Kansas!


George Jones joined the Grand Ole Opry for the first time!

Great song!

In my opinion, a young George Jones looks a lot like Jim Carrey!


Hurricane Katrina made landfall in Florida.

Of course, she would then move off to the Northeast, and we all know happened from there

and then lastly…

One year ago!


In a moment that was discussed for weeks and weeks afterward, Miley Cyrus twerked through a provocative performance alongside Robin Thicke at the MTV Video Music Awards in Brooklyn, New York.

That tongue! So nasty…

-Tyler Jackson

He’s the man who ended the “pay it forward” line at Starbucks

Most of you are familiar with the “pay it forward” concept; you’re at the drive up window and pay for your order…and also for the person in line behind you.  Many of you have probably even participated.

Well, a Starbucks store in St. Petersburg, Florida recently had a string of 457 “pay it forwards”…until it was ended by a local blogger.

Now, before we all barbeque this gentleman…you might consider his reason for ending the string of nice gestures.  “I just don’t want to be forced into doing something,” said Peter Schorsch, who is also a political consultant. “This is turning into a social phenomenon and I had to put an end to it.”

It should be noted that he gave the barista a $100 tip.

Brad Paisley to perform on “Rising Star” finale

The inagural season of the latest in televised singing competitions is almost complete.

ABC’s new series “Rising Star” will air the season finale this Sunday night.  He, along with Kesha and Ludacris, have been mentoring those singers who had enough talent to cause the American public to “like” them…thus raising a curtain and properly introducing them to the world.

Brad will be performing a single from his new album “Moonshine In The Trunk”, which will be released on Monday.  Apparently, he’s enjoyed his time on the new primetime show.  “What really surprised me is my favorite part of it is the mentoring — is getting to know these kids and trying to give them the right song.”, said Paisley.

While he’s been mentoring rocker Jesse Kinch…he’s not shy about supporting his longtime favorite Audrey Geiger (who’s a Ludacris protogee).

Again, the finale is this Sunday night on ABC TV, airing at 8pm central.

Another incredible award for Garth Brooks

As he readies himself for a return to full-fledged touring, you’d think Garth Brooks would have a lot on his mind.  And you’d be absolutely right.  Rehearsals, promotions, travel arrangements…his dance card is pretty darn full.

But come November 17th, it’s a safe bet that Garth will be in the “Big Apple” to accept another amazing award to add to his already overstuffed trophy case.

ASCAP, the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers, announced that Garth is one of five legendary artists who’ll be receiving the first ever Centennial Award…bestowed on those who have performed or created “songs that have touched the lives of people around the globe”.

Also be honored that night: Billy Joel, Stevie Wonder, Stephen Sondheim, and Joan Baez.

Wanted man rear-ends police cruiser

Well, that’s certainly one way of turning yourself in.  But I’ll bet the police would’ve preferred he just show up at the station.

Captain Eric Olsen of the Spokane Police Department was sitting in his patrol vehicle when it was rear-ended by another car.  Despite sustaining minor injuries, Captain Olsen got out of the car and began working the accident scene.  His first task?  Checking on the other driver.

Imagine his surprise when that other driver turned out to be a man with two different warrants out for his arrest?

Police officials say it was the easiest…and most painful arrest…they’ve ever made.

This Is Why We Did The Ice Bucket Challenge

26 year old,  Anthony Carbajal, took the ice bucket challenge, and it’s hilarious, until it’s serious. Give it a watch. We will say that there are a one or two instances of profanity, however, it’s due to the emotion of the topic. Just watch. You can read more about Anthony and donating to the ALS Foundation here.