This Day In History – July 10


The highest temperature ever recorded in the U.S. was 134 degrees in Death Valley, CA!

Think cool thoughts! Think cool thoughts!

Seriously though, I’d like to go to Death Valley someday, but only if it was this Death Valley:


Blackhawk’s single I’m Not Strong Enough to Say No was released!

Blackhawk! Blackhawk! Blackhawk! #RIPVanStephenson


Actor Hugh Grant appeared on The Tonight Show less than two weeks after he was arrested with a Hollywood prostitute, Divine Brown. Jay Leno, famously asked him, What the hell were you thinking?”:

Oh, Hugh!

and then lastly…

It’s already been four years?!

Happy anniversary to these guys!


American Idol winner Carrie Underwood married ice hockey player Mike Fisher in Greensboro, Georgia!

Hopefully this doesn’t end up like this:

 -Tyler Jackson


New music…new tour…and a new way to get Garth tunes

Garth Brooks finally made the long-awaited announcement that fans have been waiting for since, well, he “retired” back in 2003 to spend time with his family.

It was actually a three-part announcement.  At a press conference Thursday morning, the 52 year old Brooks confirmed for the world that yes, he will be embarking on a world tour.  He also dropped the news that there’s new music on the way…he hinted a “double album” on it’s way in November, with a single in the next couple of months.

Oh, and it looks like he’s finally getting aboard the digital and social media trains: starting within a couple of weeks, you’ll be able to download songs (at ridiculously low prices) only at his website.  And a Facebook and Twitter account won’t be far behind.

He also addressed the situation of his five “warm up” concerts in Dublin being scrapped because of a permit issue.  Garth said that, while he understands his Irish fans are saddened, he is “a billion times more disappointed”.

Professional Potty Training is Now a Thing!

How much would it be worth to you if you knew that your child could be completely potty trained in two days by a professional?

A NYC potty training company runs $1,750 and is popular among busy parents. Other options include calls with specialists or a potty training boot camp where parents learn the ropes on how to train their own kids.

With parents willing to spend money on all sorts of things experts have found that many are receptive to the professional help.

Read more here!

Shania Twain ready to begin touring again.

Another star is ready to leave behind a residency in Vegas for the road.

First it was Garth Brooks, who after his youngest daughter graduated high school announced that he’d be returning to the road.  Now, another big selling artist is ready to hit the road.  In an interview with the Calgary Herald, Shania Twain was quoted as saying she’s eager to resume to touring.  The 48-year old has recovered from vocal problems, and is also teasing new music.

Relive the best fireworks show in Kansas

Our friends at Wamego Fireworks Show were kind enough to post a full-length video of the amazing display from last Friday night.

Maybe you were there, and just want to see it again.  Maybe you want to show some of your friends what they missed.  Or maybe you had to work (like I did), and didn’t get to see it.

It doesn’t matter…click here and enjoy!

This Day In History – July 9


The 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was ratified. The amendment was designed to grant citizenship to and protect the civil liberties of recently freed slaves.

It did this by prohibiting states from denying or abridging the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States, depriving any person of his life, liberty, or property without due process of law, or denying to any person within their jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws


Mike Tyson was banned from the boxing ring and fined three million dollars for biting the ear of opponent Evander Holyfield!

Come on Mike! Dang, son!


Garth Brooks‘ The Limited Series box set lifted his album sales to new heights: No Fences at 16 million; Ropin’ the Wind at 13 million; Garth Brooks at nine million; In Pieces at eight million; The Chase at eight million and Fresh Horses at six million.

 and then lastly…


Danny Way, a daredevil skateboarder, rolled down a large ramp and jumped across the Great Wall of China! He was the first person to clear the wall without motorized aid! GNARLEY!!

-Tyler Jackson


Taylor Swift’s editorial in the Wall Street Journal

She’s a multi-talented singer, songwriter, and actress.  And now you can add journalist to the list of Taylor Swift’s accomplishments.  Taylor has written a lengthy op-ed piece for one of the most trusted, recognizable publications on earth: the Wall Street Journal.

She shared her opinions on a variety of topics: the music industry, album sales, performing live, and even claims that “since the invention of the iPhone with the front-facing camera” she hasn’t been asked for an autograph.  Apparently, the “selfie” is the only memento fans want these days.

You can read the entire article here.



This Day In History – July 8


The Massachusetts Bay Colony celebrated Thanksgiving DayThe day is recognized as the first Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving in July?!

Thanksgiving without football?!

Hey, atleast there was actually a Thanksgiving the Detroit Lions didn’t lose!


The first gold record album was presented by the Recording Industry Association of America. Of course, gold means more than 500,000 records sold.

The award went to the soundtrack to Oklahoma!


If the play would’ve been named Kansas!

There’s no doubt the soundtrack would’ve sold atleast a million copies! Just sayin!



The Mayo Clinic and the U.S. government warned that the weight-loss pill fen-phen can cause serious heart and lung damage!

Here, Geraldo saves the day and shows us some facts:

and then lastly…


Gas prices reached new heights across the country, as the price for a barrel of oil skyrocketed!

A gallon of gas cost between $4.20 and $5.35 a gallon!!

Remember this:

One day it’ll proably cost:

Meanwhile, wishing it was:

Yet thankful that it’s only:

Gas Prices 7.8.14

-Tyler Jackson


All five of Garth Brooks’ Dublin shows are now off

Nearly 400,000 fans are very disappointed with the news that all five of Garth’s “tune-up” shows, scheduled for the end of July, have now been officially cancelled.

Originally, the Dublin city council had approved only three of the shows at Croke Park Stadium…meaning only 2 of the 5 had to be cut.  But Garth refused to disappoint some of the fans…instead choosing to disappoint all of them.  And on a separate note…how does this happen?  Miscommunication?  Carelessness?  Whatever the cause, it’s certainly not the kind of press Garth needs as he gets ready to start touring the world again.

Wonder if he’ll talk about this when he makes his big announcement on Thursday?