Keith Urban: “Nicole saved my life”

One half of one of country music’s power couples…Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman…wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for his wife.  “I was very, very blessed to have Nic call an intervention on me” said the singer.

Read more here.  Note…one of the quotes has a naughty word in it…not appropriate for all ages.


This Day In History – June 6


Walter Percy Chrysler founded the Chrysler Corporation.

Of course he did! He’s a Kansan! Brilliant people come from Kansas! He was born just down the road in Wamego, and grew up in Ellis!


20/20 debuted on ABC! Long live Hugh Downs!

and then lastly…

Thank God for these guys! Without them, who knows where the world would be today!



In my own words, It’s unbelievably hard to understand the scope and scale of what went down on June 6, 1944. Just think about this: There was over 11,000 airplanes, 5,000 boats & ships, and over 150,000 Allied service men trying to enter the fortress know as Nazi Western Europe. Being from today’s world, we couldn’t even imagine being in a situation like that. Just close your eyes and think about it. You’re thousands of miles away in a place you’ve never been before. Could you imagine the sights? Seeing all of your friends and fellow servicemen bloodied. The sounds? Just think how loud it would be with constant gun-fire and bombs going off! Could you imagine how scared you would be? They had to have been scared, of course they were, we’re human!I The most astonishing thing about it is, those men that stormed the beach that day, they did so fearlessly. If they hadn’t gone about D-Day fearlessly, they never would’ve penetrated the Axis’ forces. Do you know why they went about it fearlessly? Because they knew what was at stake. It’s a pesky little word that seems to get lost in translation these days. That word? It’s called Freedom. Despite what some modern-day people say, it does take action to make that pesky little word happen. These people who fought on D-Day absolutely believed it, the people of the United States in 1944 absolutely believed it, and I absolutely believe we would not be here today, doing what we do, living these awesome lives that we get to live, it wasn’t for The Greatest Generation.

From everybody at Hot Country B1047, our hats off to them!

Thank you!

-Tyler Jackson






Extreme Cougar Alert!!!

A 31-year-old man in Augusta, Georgia likes to date elderly women…. and has been in a relationship with a 91-year-old woman.

The man dates several elderly women at the same time and even takes them home to meet his 50-year-old mother.

He’s been dating a 91-year-old great-grandmother for five years and they have an active sex life.

He says he likes the neck lines and wrinkles of older women and thinks that sagging boobs are natural and look great.

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Another Horrible Reality Show is in the Works…

Lifetime has announced a new reality show that will follow young parents who decide to have their babies outside of a hospital setting, in the middle of nature.

The show will be called “Born in the Wild” and it will show the mothers giving birth surrounded by the beauty of nature and away from any doctors or modern medicine.

The show was inspired by the huge popularity of a YouTube video that shows a woman giving birth in a tropical creek- it racked up 20 million views.

Some critics say the show could kick off a dangerous trend, and put the lives of babies and their mothers in danger.

There’s no word on whether or not the network has already chosen the young couples for this extreme reality series.



The Miss Kansas Pageant is This Weekend!!!

Tomorrow night, a new Miss Kansas will be crowned!  She will then move on to represent Kansas in the Miss America Pageant in September.  Theresa Vail- Miss Kansas 2013- will be on hand to crown the new titleholder.  Find out more here!

Malfunctioning air conditioning heats up Game 1

The San Antonio Spurs took on the Miami Heat in game one of the NBA finals…but the opponent was the only thing producing heat.  A circuit breaker overheated and failed, causing the air conditioning to shut down…resulting in a toasty environment for coaches, players, and fans.

Predictably…Twitter blew up over the situation.

Iconic roller coaster to shut down

If you’ve seen “National Lampoon’s Vacation”…you’ve seen “Colossus”.  The legendary wooden roller coaster that was the object of the Griswold’s (ok, Clark’s) affection…and the destination of a 2,400 mile road trip nightmare.

Six Flags Magic Mountain park announced that the ride will be shut down this August.  So, if you want to ride it one last time…or for the first time…your time is running out.

Get the scoop here.

93 year old paratrooper plans to jump into Normandy again

Friday marks the 70th anniversary of one of the most violent battles of any war…the Battle of Normandy, or as it’s more commonly known: D-Day.

Jim Martin was a 23 year old paratrooper that day…and now, 7 decades later, he plans to recreate his jump.  Read his story here.