This Day In History – May 16

This Day In History – May 16


The #1 single in the land was also a shoutout to the best Metro in the world!

Kansas City, here we come!


The GREATEST FOOD EVER was created! Happy Birthday to Spaghetti O’s!!!

Seriously, I eat a can of these about once a week! In-fact, I took this picture of my #Snowmageddon survival pack from this past winter!

Let’s do some math – BL + O’s = LIVIN’ & LIVIN’ WELL!!!


One of the greatest pop songs of all-time reached #1 Usher = Burn!


-Tyler Jackson

This Day In History – May 15

Here’s today’s This Day In History for May 15


Happy birthday to the U.S. Department of Agriculture! Being the Bread Basket of the World, this has actually been a wonderful bureau for our beautiful state. They’ve been key in helping to provide the funding and research of better ways to grow better crops. In other news, the Kansas Department of Agriculture’s new headquarters in Manhattan should be ready to go this summer!


Nylon stocking went on sale for the very first time! Women of the north and bank robbers have been delighted ever since!!


The world said goodbye to June Carter Cash. Fortunately, Johnny was by her side. At the time, I knew this was a powerful video (maybe the most powerful music video of all-time), but looking back on it 11 years later – this truly is their eulogy. #RIPJune #RIPJohnny

What State Has the Best BBQ?

Where’s the best barbecue in America?

NOT Texas.

A recent survey from the travel site puts Georgia and North Carolina ahead of Texas in the ratings – the Lone Star state is in third place.

When CNN made this poll public, residents from different states were outraged that Georgia had the top spot.

Folks from North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas and Tennessee wrote letters on why their state had the best barbecue in the US.

CNN is now collecting more reactions from barbecue experts to compile their own list.

Read more here!

Hero Cat Saves Boy From Dog!

A surveillance video taken outside a home in California shows a cat saving a boy from being brutally attacked by a dog.

In the video, you see a young boy on his tricycle sitting in his driveway when the neighbor’s dog runs over and sinks his teeth into the boy’s leg, dragging him down the driveway.That’s when a surprise hero enters the scene – the boy’s childhood cat named Tara. The dog is a lot bigger than Tara but she runs over and pounces on the dog and he immediately runs away and down the street.The boy still needed stitches in his leg, but it looks like the cat helped save him from getting hurt even worse.Police said the dog will be quarantined for 10 days then euthanized.


A Game Console for Your Dog??

Yep! It’s true. There is now a game console for your dog to help it deal with separation anxiety when you have to be away, and it’s a pretty great idea!

Check out the video below and learn more here.

The Dangers Of Family Decal Stickers!

You see them all the time…stick family bumper stickers on the backs of SUVs and minivans in suburban areas.  Heck, you might even have one yourself!  Beware! That cute sticker that promotes the family you’re so proud of could be dangerous!  Find out how here!

This Day In History – May 14


Skylab, the United States’ first space station, was launched into orbit!

That would be awesome to go into space! Who wants to go?! Sir Richard Branson could hook it up!



The much-hyped final episode of Seinfeld was broadcast, with 76 million viewers helping say goodbye!  In the episode, George, Elaine, Jerry and Kramer end up in jail after not coming to the aid of a passer-by in trouble.

With Seinfeld, some folks were like:

With Seinfeld, I was like:

Friends was a much better show!

And then lastly…

1998 - Frank Sinatra died of a heart attack at the age of 82. Ole Blue Eyes! No!

Seriously though. The best three voices to have ever sang songs: Elvis, George Strait & Frank Sinatra!

Here’s my favorite Sinatra song:

Makes me wanna go to Vegas!!

 -Tyler Jackson