One Family, Three Sets of Twins

The Riggs family of Prosper, Texas just welcomed their THIRD set of twins to the family. The first two sets came through fertility treatments and the third set came the old fashioned way. Check out the video to see the adorable handfuls for yourself.

This Day In History – February 5


DeWitt Wallace and his wife Lila Wallace published the first Reader’s Digest magazine!

It covered a wide variety of subjects for easy reading. They also published and direct marketed the magazine themselves

With a circulation of over 10 million copies in America, it is believed to be the best-selling consumer magazine in the country!


Super Bowl XL

The Pittsburgh Steelers defeated the Seattle Seahawks 21-10 at Ford Field in Detroit!

The Steelers’ wide receiver Hines Ward was named the game’s MVP

 and then lastly…


Happy 44th Birthday to Sara Evans!

That’s my favorite Sara Evans song!

-Tyler Jackson

The Supreme Court ruled that firing a woman for breastfeeding isn’t sexist. Why?

The Supreme Court ruled that firing a woman for breastfeeding isn’t sexist.

A woman from Iowa sued Nationwide Mutual Insurance after she claims she was forced to resign because they didn’t provide her with a proper space to breastfeed.

A trial court dismissed the cast saying “that breastfeeding-related firings aren’t sexist because men can lactate, too.”

She petitioned the Supreme Court for a review of the dismissal of her case but they refused… which means she has reached the end of the road and will be unable to pursue this matter further.

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Is there Supreme Court in the wrong here?

-Tyler Jackson 

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue to Feature Plus-Sized Model

Sports Illustrated is making history by having a plus-size model pose for this year’s annual swimsuit issue.

27-year-old Ashley Graham is a size-16 model who has already been featured in spreads for Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Glamour, and Latina magazine.

The swimsuit edition is scheduled to hit news stands on Feb. 9th.


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Do you have a misbehaving kid? Give him an “old man” haircut!

A Washington D.C. barber will give old-man haircuts to kids who misbehave in his shop.

He wrote on his Instagram page, “you wanna act grown…well now u look grown too.”

The barber posted photos on Instagram of the haircut on his own kid who was acting up. He also posted photos after fixing his son’s hair.

He nicknamed the haircut the “Benjamin Button Special.”

The haircut is free to any parent who is tired of their kid acting up.

Read more about it, plus see pictures HERE

-Tyler Jackson

This Day In History – February 4


J.W. Goodrich introduced rubber galoshes to the public.

191 years later, and they’re still a fashion statement! 


The first Winter Olympics in the United States were held in Lake Placid, NY!

Lake Placid would also host the Olympics again in 1980…“Do you believe in miracles?!” 


The Master Of Las Vegas, Liberacepassed away from AIDS at his Palm Springs, CA estate.

He was 67 

and then lastly…


A civil jury in Santa Monica, California found O.J. Simpson liable for the deaths of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and Ronald Goldman.

Initially, the jury awarded $8.5 million in compensatory damages to Goldman’s parents. but they added $25 million in punitive damages to go to Nicole Brown Simpson’s estate and Goldman’s father a few days later.

Simpson was later ordered to give up his Heisman Trophy and nearly $500,000 in valuables

He is now in prison for trying to steal back said valuables he had to give up. 

-Tyler Jackson

Here’s PROOF it’s ok to leave the toilet seat up!

Economists created a math model to show that it’s okay to leave the toilet seat up.

The model found the best way to minimize effort is to simply leave the seat in the position you’ve used it.

A guy will have to lift the seat each time he urinates but not when he goes number two…. and the woman will have to lower it each time she urinates but not if the man has pooped before her.

And because no one will have to move the seat more than once per bathroom visit, effort will be reduced.

Read more about it HERE

-Tyler Jackson